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CityScapes manufactures attractive rooftop & ground screens, enclosures & gates for HVAC systems, dumpsters, mechanical equipment & more.

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Architectural Screens | Ametco Manufacturing

Compare to Unit Mounted Screens. Unit mounted screens attach directly to the air conditioners or other equipment on the rooftop. Their big claim to fame is that they require no roof penetrations. However, they do have to penetrate the outer shell of the roof equipment with mounting screws, which compromises the watertight integrity of the unit.

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Equipment screens are designed to hide unwanted views and increase security of mechanical systems, HVAC equipment, trash enclosures, parking garages and other applications. Because they are louvered screens, they achieve these goals while still allowing air flow to the systems or areas they hide.

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E N G C S Screening for Roof Top Mechanical Units D N R

2018-9-27 · Quiet the noise levels of the rooftop mechanical equipment to less than or equal to those dictated by the city ordinance. Design the barrier walls in order to prevent direct sight of up-blast fans from critical receiver positions. Consider seismic and wind loads on the whole structure.

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The roof is an ideal place to keep bulky equipment out of the way. However, depending on where you stand, the equipment can be an eye sore. Big pieces of equipment can detract from the appearance of your building and could also be damaging your image. Cover Rooftop Equipment with Roof Screens

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2019-12-2 · Mechanical Equipment 2 With a properly designed screen, equipment can be well hidden in the winter months. An appropriately designed screen hides roof-top mechanical units from the view of the parking lot and the public right-of-way. Mechanical equipment or other utility hardware on roofs, ground, or buildings shall be screened from public

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HVAC Equipment Screening

There are various factors that can change how you design a screen. The engineering requirements change when you add in the equation height to the screen, taller buildings, different wind zones, irregular roof framing, and more. Our equipment screens adapt to …

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Mechanical Equipment Screens

2020-1-17 · Equipment Screen is an inverted louver blade vision barrier that mounts directly to an air handler. This configuration eliminates the requirement for additional structural supports through the roof system of a building. Louver blades run horizontal in the hinged louvered doors - …

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Equipment Screens

(If the link doesn’t send you to the right page, just search for “rooftop equipment screens” on the site’s home page.) 2. Building Codes: "1510.6 Mechanical Equipment Screens" from the 2015 International Building Code. Available at the UpCodes website.

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Roof Equipment Screens | Architectural Louvers Co.

 · I have an existing roof that is exposed to wind and the client wants to install a new piece of mech equipment (relatively small, but sufficient to cause snow accumulation). If the unit is mounted above the roof to provide a few feet of clearance is it possible to consider that there will not be a …

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2013-7-26 · building). Equipment blown from a roof can damage buildings and injure people. Damaged equipment may no longer provide service to the building. Construction Guidance Mechanical Penthouse: By placing equipment in mechanical penthouses rather than being exposed on the roof, equipment within penthouses is shielded

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10' to roof edge rule

2020-3-16 · Count on us for outstanding customer service, and efficient, stress-free installation of your HVAC architectural screening. North American Enclosures is the only distributor of rooftop equipment screens certified to install Spinnaker systems and to offer their product warranties.

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Linea Equipment Screens

Equipment Screens. Roof Equipment Screens are vision barriers mounted on building rooftops (and elsewhere) to hide mechanical equipment and other unsightly items. Louvered equipment screens also reduce wind loading on structural framing and add an architectural element to your building. Direct Mount design for air handler surrounds is available ...

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Equipment Screens | Americlad Quality Metalcrafts, LLC

Roof-Set - Curb Mounted - Structural A final consideration is how to mount the rooftop equipment screen. I have never used any method except for structural, but there are two others. Some rooftop equipment screens are designed to be set down on the roofing membrane. This sounds too much like a maintenance problem in the making, but it is an option.

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Roof-Mounted Equipment Screening

If the roof pitch went up a certain way from our screen, we want to make sure we still have the proper clearance, so we don't damage the roof. We want to be totally off the roof and not touching." Roof-mounted Installation. Installing an equipment screen that mounts to the roof requires more planning and a deeper understanding of the structure.

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